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Is your Business suffering from low sales? Start selling online like a Pro! It´s quick and easy and we take care of all the Programming and Design. This is a one time offer that you cannot resist.


Get new Online Customers that are looking for products or services like yours! Most Customers have changed their habits due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, most of them use the Internet to research and buy products and avoid going outside due to restrictions.


Let your customers know that your Open for Business!

Promote your Services/Products, let your audience know about the changes in your company, pricing, working hours, etc.

We help small and medium size businesses go through tough times, no catch, no payments.


Ending Date: Monday, May 25th

12:00 PM Saskatoon/SK Time

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Only 15 Spots Available

What Are You Getting?

  • 5 Custom Made Online Ads created by our professional designers, fully optimized for Tablets, Desktops, Laptops and Mobiles - $700 Value.
  • A FREE Retargeting Pixel that you can add to your website as an embeded code. This Retargeting Pixels tracks all the customers that visit your website and our system automatically posts your ads to them anywhere they go afterwards - $350 Value
  • FREE ADS on LOCAL WEBSITES. Target the Website that your community visits! Local TV and Radio Stations - $250 Value
  • FREE ADS on NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL WEBSITES. Let your brand/company appear on websites like Amazon, CNN, Fox Newx, Discovery Channel and many more - $500 Value
  • Access to Professional Programmers and Designers at no cost.
  • Describe in point format what would people learn if they attend this webinar. Keep it clear and direct to the point
  • Describe in point format what would people learn if they attend this webinar. Keep it clear and direct to the point

Please Note: This FREE ONLINE CAMPAIGN lasts for 30 days only. No charges apply.

This Offer is an 

Exclusive for Saskatoon

Small and Medium Size Businesses 

This Offer expires soon / only 15 Spots are Available / Up to 3,000 Impressions or 1 Month Ad Campaign

This is a FREE OFFER from LIVING SKY MARKETING - - This cannot be transfered to another company, individual or time. The 30 Day start at the moment the customer agrees to broadcast the Online Ads. LIVING SKY MARKETING will waive all the setup and management costs of the process. all customers will get a maximum of 3,000 Ad Impressions for 30 days only. (a Normal Value of $1,800).There are no hidden costs on the promotion. LIVING SKY MARKETING is not required to continue the Online Campaign after the 30 Days. The program can be cancelled at any moment by the CUSTOMER. If the CUSTOMER wants to extend the Marketing Campaign after the promotion expires it will need to pay, in advance, the normal price. No credit card, deposit nor downpayments are required in order to start the Marketing Campaign. Call us for more details at 306-251-0315  

We reserve the right to refuse any company or individual for any reason that we would consider valid, including, but not limited to the services, product, content, images, etc. Banner positioning and which websites your banners may appear are random and not guaranteed. No specific results, financial or otherwise, are promised or guaranteed.
Apply today and reserve your spot! 

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